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Your fishing tournament organizers are of course delighted for another opportunity to trade in their weekend to-do list for a chance to get out there for a weekend of fishing. After participating in many Dolphin Tournaments during the Mahi Mahi fishing season, adding another one to the fold seemed like a no brainer, especially if it is one that helps the local Florida Keys community. The goal is not to take away from the existing seasons tournaments, as they will still be fishing those, of course! It will be an honor to add to the line-up of South Florida fishing tournaments and make an impact on the community, especially this year.


This fishing tournament is being hosted by volunteers on behalf of the South Florida Police Benevolent Association Florida Keys Membership. Proceeds for the 2022 Florida Keys PBA Dolphin Tournament will primarily benefit the Autism Society of the Keys and also the Love Fund, Inc., both federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

Autism Society of the Keys (ASK) is a local nonprofit 501c3 organization. The organization was created by founder and executive director Jill Campbell. The ASK mission is to help improve the lives of those affected, and their families, with autism. Jill Campbell and her husband Craig created ASK shortly after their own son was diagnosed at 2 years old. The Campbells saw that there was a lack of resources and support and created the nonprofit in 2008.  Autism is the greatest child health epidemic there is, with 1 in 50 children being diagnosed. That’s more than diabetes, leukemia, down syndrome, and aids combined. ASK helps families by providing support meetings thought out the Keys. These meetings provide families an opportunity to come together, get education from guests speakers and share their experiences. ASK also provides financial assistance. ASK accepts applications based on the needs of each individual family. Autism is different for each family, depending on things like age, severity, support and resources available. ASK has helped families with items such as: insurance deductibles, therapies, sensory items, advocate’s, swimming lessons, car seats, iPads and devices. Currently ASK has also been providing sensory boxes to all emergency personnel including KWPD, Monroe County Sheriffs Office and both county and city fire departments. The sensory boxes are hand delivered along with a brief introduction to the personnel on what autism is and how to use the boxes. The boxes are compact boxes that contain items such as headphones (noise), dry erase board (non verbal), miniature timers (transition), sensory items and other items that can help calm a child involved in an emergency. Although any child can benefit from the box, the box has specifically hand picked items to help those affected with autism. You can find more information about ASK or make a donation by contacting Jill Campbell at 305.942.5172. Emailing They are also on Facebook at Autism Society of the Keys.

The Love Fund was established in 1984 to assist in the time of extreme need to those families of officers killed or injured in the line of duty.